Boogie does Naples

It is hard to describe in a few words the work of a photographer that we have been knowing and admiring for so long. A photographer that probably doesn’t even need a presentation. We invite you to check his own website and let his countless pictures speak for themselves. Boogie has spent his life shooting incessantly, just walking around and letting his camera lead the way. A native of Belgrade but based in NY, he is a documentarian of the streets, offering through his work rare access to the darkest aspects of street life. His intimate and grimy pictures provide a vivid portrait of metropolitan cities around the world, without the filter of prejudice or expectations. An immersive and honest chronicle of lives that many of us only know from television shows, movies or the news.

Boogie came back to Naples on the occasion of his first exhibition in town, “Blow Your Mind” at the Magazzini Fotografici. We had the chance to spend a couple of days with him walking around the city, getting lost in the streets of Scampia and Quartieri Spagnoli. “I always get lost ‘cause I don’t really have sense of direction. So I get lost and take the best shots”.

The result is this journey into a city that most of us believe to know, seen through the revealing lens of this fearless photographer.

Photographer : Boogie

Sound Design : The Night Skinny