Fendi Adele’s Dream

A woman and her bag. The timeless appeal of Adele 1328, the bag named after Fendi’s founder, which blossoms like a flower in the hands of Fendi’s master artisans. Adele’s Dream is a glimpse at the world of this glorious Italian brand, looking through the dreamy eyes of founder Adele and the magnetic appeal of Italian cinema.
We asked directors Marco Molinelli and Giovanni Troilo to shoot this imaginary video, and had the honour of involving Luca Guadagnino in the executive production.

Panottica was founded in 2014 as an independent production house. But we come from the older family of Sartoria Comunicazione, which already produced some distinguishing visual stuff in the last 20 years.

Director : Gianni Troilo , Marco Molinelli