Reda – Woolmasters

In line with the ethical and aesthetic vision of its owners, Reda always puts the environment first, with the production of textile fibers focused on the respect of nature and its balance. To effectively convey this commitment to the consumers, they asked us to work on a special project to bring them to the very heart of where
it all begins – the Oceanian farms of its suppliers.
This is how ‘Woolmasters’ was born: a 6 episodes web series that recounts the passion and lifetime endeavor to preserve the environment of the Australian, New Zealand and Tasmanian farmers that grow the famous Reda wool. Each episode follows the women, the men, the dogs in their everyday work on the land.
An intensive “on field” production scoring 9 flights, 21 days, 25299 miles, 3 drone crews and 3000 GB of data.

LeBook Connections 2018 - Special Project Award

Director : Paolo Freschi